Slovenia, May & June: 8 Roma girls from Slovenia started 50-hour cooking training. After the training the girls will start with official procedure for gaining national vocational qualification which will bring them official certificate to work as chef's assistants in the kitchen. 

On 13 April 2015, 25 Romani women involved in the MS4ROW project in Spain started the vocational training to work in school canteen organized by Drom Kotar Mestipen in order to get an official certification. Through this training they want to improve their education and find a job that will improve their life quality and the future of their children. This course leads to an official certification with real working options and it promotes a labour inclusion compatible with their family responsibilities. Furthermore, these women will become positive education role models and this way impact also positively in Roma boys’ and girls’ education.









Hungary, 9 & 10 April 2015: project partners met for the third time, this time in Hungary. Most of the time partners discussed developed mentoring system and its implementation progress in all partner countries in which more than 80 Roma girls and women are involved. Also partners and mentors work in the developed web-application was discussed.









In Slovenia 22 Roma girls between age 17 and 30 are enrolled into the MS4ROW mentoring system. On 31 March 2015 girls visited local library "Knjižnica Pavla Golie Trebnje" with their mentor. The librarian kindly showed them the library. On a bookshelves they found a bilingual book in Slovenian-Romani language: "Duj hinjam samo čavora". In Slovenian "Oba sva samo otroka", in English "We both are only children".


Slovenia, 26 March 2015: it is time for second monthly workshops! Again, we have guests; this time Mrs Špela Smuk and Mrs Emilija Skrt presented two different projects, examples of good practice on the field of entrepreneurship connected to Roma. After presentations our girls made posters about their "fictional" new companies producing different products.