Turkish girls between age 16 and 17 started the course where they will learn how to use lockstitch machines. The course is supported by the stakehodlers: Duzce Governorship and Lifelong Education Center. This course is the first course that Turkish girls will join. Also, one of our stakeholders "Düzce Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation" rent a minibus for the girls which means that the transportation for the girls from their homes to the place of the course is free.

Article about the course in local Turkish media

Video from the course (in Turkish)




Hungarian team has started to train the mentors who will be actively involve in the implementation of the mentoring system in Hungary. The training took place in Sajókaza at Dr. Ambedkar School on the 20th February 2015. 




One of the project steps was also to train at least 2 persons per country who will be mentors to Roma girls in the mentoring system. 16 partners and future mentors from all four countries attended the 4-days long mentor training in Barcelona, Spain between 27 and 30 of October 2014 where adopted the structure and content of the mentoring system and approaches for quality work in advising, counselling and monitoring the participants. Mentors were also learned how to use web-application which is a supporting tool for planning and monitoring girls’ educational activities and career path, and also for providing participants the environment for e-education with relevant learning materials. Participants of the training prepared national strategy for implementation of mentoring system in their country, considering characteristics and specifics of local environment, and they were also trained how to transfer new knowledge to other mentors back home.

Photos from the leader mentor training in Spain:

















In order to discuss development of the mentoring system in its implementation in all partners countries partner met again in hot Düzce, Turkey on 26 & 27 June 2014. Mentor manual, web-application manual and other details of future project work were discussed. 









The project partners will meet for the second time. After the first meeting held in Slovenia in December 2013, now partners will meet between 26-27 June in Turkey, city Düzce. The aim of the meeting is to discuss project work and results up to this point and to discuss further project activities. The project work is passing into second stage in which the mentoring system will get its form based on the data collected through identification analysis that was made within the first project stage. The meeting will bring new ideas and conclusions on how the mentoring system for young Roma girls should look like.